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Challenging Conventional Leadership Training & Authority Building


The Leadership and Authority Workshop utilizes a unique experiential methodology that is intense, in depth and accesses learning not available in traditional programs. It is designed for participants to recognize the defenses that obstruct learning and challenge them to view interpersonal relationships in the workplace from a new perspective.

Our approach is designed for professionals regardless of experience in group dynamics. Extensive training and skill of our workshop faculty enables them to provide education and training customized for participants as the workshop unfolds.

The methodology is the result of 34 years of research and clinical experience.


The four-day workshop includes multiple components in both small and large group settings. Required reading is provided prior to the workshop so the participants come prepared for the work they will do.

Most of the learning occurs in the Small Group Experience consisting of 10-15 members who study their own behavior as it happens. The focus in this component is the “here and now.”

The Large Group Experience combines all participants in the workshop to collaborate on particular tasks. These include:

    • A compare and contrast discussion about their individual Small Group Experience
    • Examining themes the workshop faculty have identified as present in the small groups and the conference at large up to this point. Common examples include anxiety in the small groups, reactions to the consultant,  and diversity among the participants.
    • Viewing a film that demonstrates the dynamics being studied. This strengthens the learning for continued study of their own Small Group Experience.

The theme in the Large Group Experience is “then and there.”

The session was much more than the usual “team building” exercise. Dr. Wolper helped my staff begin to engage in authentic conversations that are essential in the collaborative work we do.

Connie Majka

I am extremely grateful to Dr. Wolper and his team for opening my eyes to the unseen processes that drive me, and for giving me a new vista for personal growth and development.

Ming Khor

Thank you for the memorable class and the experiences I will carry forever.

Corey J.


Participants gain insight about underlying dynamics that govern team performance. Reactions to authority, realistic and unrealistic expectations of leaders, and an infinite number of interpersonal dynamics become available for examination.

They will also have an opportunity to study interpersonal issues including the distribution of power, competition, social identities, and reactions often not understood in team work.