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Here are just a few of the companies and institutions we’ve worked with as well as testimonials from past program participants.

The research and work of Jeff Wopler and his team of doctoral-level experts have brought their studying on leadership and authority to a diverse number of organizations in government, academia, arts and the sciences.

That doesn’t mention the impact it makes on the individuals whose lives and careers we touch.

The session was much more than the usual “team building” exercise. Dr. Wolper helped my staff begin to engage in authentic conversations that are essential in the collaborative work we do.

I am extremely grateful to Dr. Wolper and his team for opening my eyes to the unseen processes that drive me, and for giving me a new vista for personal growth and development.

Thank you Jeff. This course will never be the same (without you) because you are, and forever will be, the highest of all authority.

Thank you for this amazing experience. I have learned so much about myself and how I work.

You have changed my life. I am forever grateful. Keep in touch.

Thank you for being a teacher that I will always remember and giving me a class with lesson that I will value the rest of my life. You inspire me.

Thank you for everything Jeff! This class was unbelievable and I am truly looking forward to applying it to 'real life.'

Thank you so much! I truly enjoyed your classes (Adult Psychology & Group Learning).

You are very inspiring. I will always appreicate your teaching.

In hindsight, I have noted that many of the concepts learnt in the workshop in Valley Forge back in May have proven to be of great helpfulness and application (especially the concepts of dependency vs. counterdependency, scapegoating and the analogy of the life cycle of a group).

I have really enjoyed the workshop and wanted to thank you once again.